Legacy Touring Wagon Project

I am in the process of upgrading my 1993 Legacy L AWD Wagon to enhance the performance and increase the "fun to drive" quotient.

Why would I spend money on a six year old car with more than 200,000km on it?

  1. its paid for
  2. everything works perfectly on it
  3. no significant improvements have been made to the new Legacy to justify spending $30,000 on one
  4. compared to a brand new Legacy, I save $700 each year in insurance costs
  5. older Legacy's are more reliable than newer ones (due to Japanese built engines and transmissions)
  6. used parts are cheap and plentiful and usually in perfect working order (engine $1000, transmission $700, you get the idea)
  7. most wear and tear parts are identical to ones on current models
  8. my last Subaru (a 1985 GL Dual Range 4WD wagon) had 473,000KM on it when I sold it, and the Legacy is much better engineered and WILL last longer
  9. many of the upgrades that I have completed or are planning can be retrofitted to the new Legacy models

What are my goals for building a Touring Wagon?

  1. improved handling
  2. improved braking
  3. improved engine power
  4. high quality sound system
  5. improved comfort and convenience

Follow the links, you may find something interesting, or may think of something that I have not (if you do, please let me know!)