Y2K Legacy

What's new?

  1. standard engine in all models is the 2.5l stage II engine, 165 HP and 166lb/ft of torque at 3600RPM (much lower than 1999's 4400RPM).
  2. new automatic transmission with screw on fluid filter, transmission is also smoother, lighter and smaller. This transmission was used on the 1999 Impreza and Forester models.
  3. torque converter lock up occurs at 37MPH instead of 45MPH. Emissions are reduced and higher fuel economy is the result.
  4. "Humped" (Outback) roof on the 2.5 GT wagon (dual sunroofs as an option)
  5. new multilink rear suspension, more cargo space in the trunk/cargo area due to less intrusion of suspension components
  6. Much more refined look on the Sedan, and a slightly more aggressive stance to the wagon.
  7. aerodynamic drag is down to a 0.29 COE, which is best in class.
  8. Outback no longer has hood scoop (good, it never did anything anyway...)
  9. better cupholders

Y2K Legacy (and Outback) Photo Gallery

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