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Welcome to our club's home on the web.

Not too many links are active as this page is brand new and I have not got around to everything yet.

What is this club about?

  1. to share information about Subaru automobiles
  2. to share information on backwoods campsites and recreational areas within a days five of Calgary that are accessible by a Subaru AWD vehicle
  3. to promote Subaru automobiles as a viable alternative to traditional sport utility vehicles
  4. to collect feedback on Subaru automobiles to help Subaru improve on their already excellent designs

Cost of membership: My favorite F word, FREE!!


Jeffrey Deans

This club is not affiliated with Subaru of Canada, or any Subaru dealer. We will remain independent and impartial until they give me a free car...

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Y2K Legacy
Subaru's Y2K problem:
Which one to buy?

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Subaru WRC Comeback?
After a unreliable start of the
season, the Subaru/Prodrive Rally Team recovers to win two rallies in a row including a 1-2 finish in Argentina